About Rodeka and our products

Rodeka began with handwoven chairseats from natural materials in 1968. We have added continuously to our product lines and models, but the concept remains unchanged: natural products for use in YOUR products and interiors.

Rodeka is also meeting the challenge of the constantly changing and more demanding markets of today.  We are based in Holland, and keep stocks here of our most standard products.  However in this day and age it is necessary to work close to the source. Since 2005 Rodeka has its own export company and offices in China, and working with selected factories, we combine quality control at competitive prices.  So for your large or small orders, from Holland or from China, we have not only the products but the channels to get them to you.

Our goal is as simple as our concept: to deliver our customers - whether manufacturer or artisan, basketmaker or restorer, interior designer or project architect, stand builder or window dresser - the product they need when they need it. 

And just as important -to keep them coming back.  


Our drop-in chairseats are made of 100% natural materials, handwoven on a wooden frame of recycled wood.  For the chair manufacturers and makers, our chairseats fit your style and your chair.  Not only an honest natural product made from replenishable and recycled resources, but also an economic alternative in time and money to wooden and upholstered seats. Please watch our site for new materials, designs and weaving.

Also for the replacement market for existing chairs, we would be happy to see if we have your model.  So for restaurants, hotels or your own dining room - please feel free to contact us if you seats are worse for wear!


As well as the classic rattan webbings that have been around for a few centuries, Rodeka offers a wide selection of cane & core webbings and  paper webbings.  

All of our cane and core webbings are made from the best rattan available, and the paper and plastic are copies of their natural cousins.  We have added the loom webbings to make sure our assortment is as complete as possible.

Our decorative materials and wallpapers are all made from natural grasses (yes bamboo is a grass!), rushes, jutes, sisal, abacas, etc made from or applied to an environment- friendly paper or linen with non toxic adhesives. Taken all together these products have endless applications and possibilities  -for your furniture, kitchen, panel or shade production -your interior (not only walls, but ceilings, windows, floors and the kitchen sink!), -your window and stand  display, and your accessories.


Rodeka also took a determined step backwards in 2006 .  We acquired a company with the speciality of rattan raw materials.  We can now offer selected quality of manau and batang, chaircane, round-oval-trapezium cores, specialty rattans in short the basics  for the rattan furniture producer, restorer, basketmaker , recaner, etc.   


Finally, Rodeka offers you a selection of finished products  rattan chairs, bamboo blinds and carpets, We are certainly working on a wider range of products, so please keep an eye on our site or sign up for our newsletter and we will let you know about our newest additions as they come.